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Building Materials and Construction Features of Building Boss built post-frame structures:

  • Complete line of pre-engineered custom stalls and stall accessories;
  • Annexes between riding arenas and stall barns;
  • Full-hard 80,000 high-tensile steel roof and wall cladding for maximum strength;
  • 8000+ series coloured paint on the cladding for maintenance-free attractive durability;
  • Translucent wall panels for extra light;
  • Ridge ventilators – wall louvres – cupolas;
  • Hip Roof – Standard – Stud-wall;
  • Hay and Straw storage – Tack Rooms;
  • Maximum riding space – Installed on a wood pony wall, it allows the rider 100% use of the covered riding surface
  • Available in different colours – green, grey, white, and beige – with a white underside for maximum light reflection
  • Optional items; Curtain doors in a variety of sizes, side and roof ventilation; fitted for various door options and supplemental lighting.


Gable-end track door (or “slider”):

More economical than an eave door;

  • Ceiling and door clearance the same;
  • Can be built to half the width of the building;

Eave-wall track door:

  • May be more expensive than a gable-end door;
  • May require larger posts, double posts, and larger pads on each side;
  • Requires a beam (either plates of steel I-beam or wood depending on size and span);
  • Clearance is reduced by the height of the beam or platesĀ 

Overhead doors:

  • 8′ high or under falls under the residential category; over 8′ high a commercial grade door is necessary and has a higher price;
  • Require additional headroom (16″ to 24″ depending on size and type);
  • Many benefits including potential for remote operation, better weather seal (for workshops)